Reference Materials

Date Topic
10/01/21 List of State and National Single Payer Studies
01/31/20 Excerpt from Red by John Logan
08/08/19 Elway Healthcare Poll Results (opens as PDF)
08/08/19 Elway Healthcare Poll Press Release
03/09/15 HB 2300: An opposing view of Oregon’s “Right to Try” bill
08/01/13 Health care and undocumented immigrants
12/06/12 Origin of the statistic "Private insurance diverts 40% of collected premiums"
11/01/12 Summary of state and national single payer studies - plus table
08/07/12 US life expectancy and infant mortality vs. the industrialized world
04/25/12 Health Care Reform without Tears: Three Questions, Nine Answers
08/25/11 Curing the Health System
03/11/11 Oregon House Bill 3510, statewide single payer health care, testimony by Dr. Samuel Metz


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