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Date Topic
06/04/13 Peripheral intravenous catheterization: A manual for the beginner (opens as PDF)
02/17/12 Pass health care reform first, then tackle the malpractice mess
01/24/12 Wyden-Ryan plan won't improve health care system
01/09/12 Problem with health care is for-profit insurance
08/25/11 Curing the Health System
05/20/11 The Sheriff of Nottingham rides again, but this through our Medicare funding
03/10/11 Oregon healthcare - AFTER your coffee break
11/01/10 Is the US health care system really the envy of the civilized world?
05/23/10 The price of private health insurance
02/01/10 Carlson Tucker: the Face of American Anesthesiologists
10/30/09 Health Insurance - the New Tobacco
09/28/09 Health insurance - Priorities and Choices
08/19/09 Why the Current Health Care Reform Will Not Avert Disaster 
11/11/07 The death penalty: What does it cost? (Updated 5/10/12)
01/23/07 Favorite quotes
01/19/07 More troops - or else
1/16/07 Why medical malpractice fails
11/25/06 Why did we stay in Vietnam? We do we stay in Iraq?
11/23/06 Iraq and the Western Front
05/03/06 Should We Fund Hamas
04/17/06 Rumsfeld and the Retired Generals
03/17/06 Who Will be the American President in 2008? (Updated 1/2/08)
03/2/06 South Dakota legislation on abortion
01/28/06 Medical Malpractice in Oregon
01/4/06 Allow Oregonians to Vote for President

Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man

08/19/05 We Need the Best Education Money Can Buy
06/22/05 The Case for Intelligent Design in Biology
06/5/05 The Cheney Administration and National Socialism
04/30/05 Why Oregon needs a Civil Union
04/15/05 Tom DeLay and House Ethics
03/25/05 Terry Schiavo and Her Physicians
02/19/05 John Kerry’s Undelivered Concession Speech
01/8/05 Letter to Ed Gillespie, Chairman of the Republican National Committee
12/22/04 "Sympathy for the Devil"
11/21/04 A Eulogy for Yasir Arafat


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